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English/Russian and English/Ukrainian translations: technical, engineering, scientific, medical, legal, financial. Personal translation services English-Russian-Ukrainian Translation by Language Solutions International Professional English/Russian and English/Ukrainian translators, native speakers, experts in different industries and subject areas

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Translate Russian Ukrainian: Handheld English-Russian-Ukrainian translator with bidirectional text translation functionality
Translate Russian/Ukrainian to English; Translate English to Russian/Ukrainian using Electronic Text Translators

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We invite marketing specialists to join us in developing new business situations and creating new English-Russian/Ukrainian translation projects

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Russian and Ukrainian
Translation Resources
Translation Resources
Translations from English into Russian and Ukrainian in the United States, Russia, and Ukraine by native speakers of Russian or Ukrainian respectively in the area of legal, academic, medical, financial, technical, engineering, and scientific subject matters Translations from Russian and Ukrainian into English by our language specialists in the United States, native speakers of English, in the area of technical, engineering, medical, financial, legal, and scientific subject matters
Comprehensive English-to-Russian and English-to-Ukrainian technical, financial, engineering, medical, scientific, and legal translation services, including immigration, IP, and patent-related materials Comprehensive Russian-to-English and Ukrainian-to-English technical, financial and legal translations, including IP and patent-related documents, as well as a full range of U.S. immigration materials
Professional Russian and Ukrainian translators, experts in different areas of knowledge – native speakers of the Russian and Ukrainian languages with complete fluency in English Professional ATA certified American translators, experts in different industries and subject areas – native speakers of the English language with complete fluency in Russian and Ukrainian
Local teams of language specialists working under the supervision of linguist managers trained by Language Solutions Linguistic teams working under the direct supervision of Language Solutions managers in the United States
Communications network providing for effective interaction between the company headquarters in the United States and the local Russian and Ukrainian translation resources Regular online training seminars, industry glossary updates, and performance reviews by Language Solutions to ensure the highest possible quality work by our language specialists

Translation Services At a Glance

  • Russian translation — technical, engineering, scientific, financial, legal (immigration) and medical, as well as in many other fields. One of our professional specialties: text conversion of technical manuals, user guides, engineering specifications. Our work is accurate and fast, regardless of the work volume or deadline, and always — always! — within the client-specified schedule.

  • Ukrainian translation in all major subject areas. Handled with the same degree of expertise and mastery, this is the principal and ever-growing extension to our English/Russian translation practice.

  • Website translation and localization — the converted HTML code, webpage text and other website page elements are delivered fully edited/proofread and in ready-to-upload electronic formats.

  • Language conversion of engineering drawings using AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and other sophisticated computer software tools.

  • Certified translation of personal documents from Russian/Ukrainian into English and from English into Russian/Ukrainian:
    • personal correspondence and other written communications
    • USCIS documents, including the US K-1 fiancée (marriage) visa, and other immigration and non-immigration related documents
    • international passports and driver's licenses
    • birth-, death-, divorce-, and marriage certificates
    • professional services for adopting parents: letters to children, complete adoption dossiers, certified adoption certificates
    • vaccination (immunization) and medical records
    • academic/scientific diplomas and education transcripts for submission to US Credentials Evaluation Services and other official institutions (please note: our company does not provide foreign educational credential evaluation services)
    • recommendation letters
    • legal materials, including "no record" certificates from law enforcement organizations in Russia and Ukraine (police clearance certificates), affidavits and prenuptial (premarital) agreements

    The translated documents are certified per clients' request. Certification (also called Affidavit of Translation) is signed by the performing translator and is attested by the official embossing seal of our company (it can also be notarized by a U.S. Notary Public, if requested).

  • Russian/Ukrainian editing and proofreading provided by professional editors and proofreaders with solid publishing house experiences in Russia and Ukraine.

  • Interpreter assisted 3-way (conference) calling. Planning a telephone conversation with your business associates or personal contacts in Russia or Ukraine? We will assist you in making those important phone calls by providing you with our highly professional over-the-phone interpreting service.

Phone interpreter - Russian-Ukrainian/English and English/Russian-Ukraine Translations
Phone Interpreter Assistance

Personal Translation Services
Along with industry specific support for corporate clients, we offer a wide array of personal Russian/Ukrainian into English and English into Russian/Ukrainian document translation services. This includes: personal letters; USCIS legal materials, including the US K-1 fiancée (marriage) visa, and other immigration related documents; international passports and driver's licenses; birth-, death-, divorce- and marriage certificates; adoption papers; medical records; academic (high school and university) diplomas and transcripts; letters of recommendation.

We fully adhere to the document certification requirements set forth by major U.S. official institutions, such as the USCIS and State Department: "Any foreign language document must be accompanied by a full English translation that the translator has certified as complete and correct, and by the translator's certification that he or she is competent to translate the foreign language into English" (Instructions for USCIS Form I-130, page 1).

Certification (Affidavit of Translation) is signed by the performing translator and embossed with the official seal of our company. A cover letter on the company letterhead detailing the translated items is included in the packet.

Please refer to Personal Russian and Ukrainian Translation or, for a full array of services and rate information, please use the online quiry.

Our client support is superior in the U.S. language translation industry. To discuss any particular question or just get a quote, you can talk online, via our dedicated live chat service, with one of our specialists; or you can send us an e-mail, knowing that the reply will arrive within minutes (literally!); or you can call us with anything of interest, and your call will never be put on hold. We are standing by to provide you with prompt, precise, and clear answers!

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We extend our free Russian and Ukrainian translation support to all our current and past clients, as well as to our website visitors, subject to translator availability. The support functions include, but are not limited to:

translation english russian and ukrainian   consulting on any language related issues
translation russian ukrainian english   written or oral conversion of separate words or phrases
translation english to russian ukrainian   editing machine translated text pieces
translation russian ukrainian to english   pronunciation coaching over the phone

During our over twenty-year presence on the Internet, we have provided free interlingual support on a broad range of topics related to our visitors’ specific needs, be it a complex technical, engineering manual, a legal document, academic diploma or transcript, a medical or vaccination (immunization) record, or business, as well as personal correspondence. You might have the same or similar questions on topics, such as:

russian ukrainian translator   Cyrillic technical (encoding) issues.
translate into russian and ukrainian   Transliteration of Russian and Ukrainian proper names (name spelling using English, or rather Latin, letters).
russian ukrainian english translation   What is the Apostille certificate and what institutions issue these important documents?
russian and ukrainian translator of academic materials   Foreign educational credential evaluation: what institutions prepare evaluation reports to establish the comparability of foreign educational credentials to U. S. high school diplomas and college/university and scientific degrees?
  US K-1 fiancée (marriage) visa translation support.
  Should the English versions of the original official documents be notarized?

Please tell us how you would like us to assist you, and we will respond promptly.

Free Human Translation

We will translate
for you, at no charge, a short text from English into Russian (Ukrainian) and/or from Russian (Ukrainian) into English. Some other language pairs are also offered. The work will be done by a professional translator.

Free translation form

Free Consultation

Have any Russian or Ukrainian language related question? Any Russia (Ukraine)/USA cross-cultural questions? The length of our free consulting phone session is up to 15 minutes. Please use the online request form to schedule your call.

Free consultation

Information Corner

We pick and publish the most interesting and innovative materials on the subject of language translation. The featured article references our Managing Director, a professionally trained expert in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

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