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Books & Russian Learning CDs Books & Russian Learning CDs.  These products are being offered in association with – the industry leader in providing publications of high cultural and educational value, particularly in the area of the Russian culture and language.
Electronic Dictionaries Electronic Dictionaries.  Yet another group of selected language related products we would highly recommend.

Books & Russian Learning CDs
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The New Penguin Russian Course
by Nicholas J. Brown

A reader from Los Angeles, CA: Great book...great method... As far as learning a new language goes, I think that starting with being able to read it is equally important to being able to speak it. They go hand in hand with adult education. I was sick of discovering that most of the Russian books out there are devoted almost entirely to teaching you catch phrases to "get you going". This book starts with the alphabet. It is detailed and actually does "get you going." Russian is a tough language to learn, but this book will help you through it without condescending you. I would highly recommend it for people who are serious about learning the Russian language.

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Learn Russian the Fast and Fun Way
by Thomas R. Beyer

Synopsis: The emphasis is on the Russian needed by tourists and businesspeople, as well as young people, in the newest addition to Barron's Fast and Fun Way language series. Cheerful illustrations, grammar and vocabulary flash cards, learning exercises in the form of games and puzzles, and a special pull-out bilingual dictionary with a food and drink guide are just a sampling of the attractive features that help make learning Russian an adventure.

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Random House Russian-English
Dictionary of Idioms
by Sophia Lubensky

A reader from Monterey, CA: This is a rare masterpiece in the Russian language! Having taught 100's of Russian students in the military, it was rare for me to recommend a general, must-have dictionary. Any student or professional in the field of Russian language must acquire this book! Dr. Lubensky's painstaking efforts at this complex and often-misunderstood area of the language are remarkable, and the depth and breadth of her research are reflected in this massive tome!

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501 Russian Verbs : Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses Alphabetically Arranged
by Thomas R. Beyer

Synopsis: For the student of Russian or the traveler who needs a more comprehensive information source on verbs, here is the book to recommend. Arranged one per page in Cyrillic type, each verb includes English pronunciation and translations. Features over 1,000 verbs.
A reader from St. Louis, Missouri: This is a necessary reference book for all Russian students. This book leads you through all conjugations of the two infinitive verb forms. The only problem is, sometimes, locating the necessary verb is difficult in the index. I recommend this book for all my students. It is especially helpful with the command forms.

More Recommendations:

  • Easy Russian Phrase Book, by Helen Michailoff
  • Master the Basics: Russian, by Natalia, Phd Lusin
  • Pronounce It Perfectly in Russian, by Thomas R., Jr., Ph.D.
  • First Thousand Words in Russian (Picture Word Books), by Heather Amery

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    Wedded Strangers: The Challenges of Russian-American Marriages
    by Lynn Visson

    A reader from Lakewood, Ohio: When I ordered this book, my US born husband said it's probably going to be useless for us as it sounds like it is targeted to the Americans who marry the "mail order brides". I was pleasantly surprised though to find out that the book was very informative and helped me sort some issues out (mainly reassuring me that having these sort of issues is not 'just us'). The author has been married to a Russian, so she has an 'insider' prospective of the matter. I thought the descriptions of the cultural differences were pretty accurate, with lots of real life examples (I can relate to many of them). And now that my husband and I have our first son (1.5 year old) I can't agree more that you face the biggest challenges when you start raising a child.

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    Russian Women & Marriage:
    Love Letters... From Russia
    by Weston Rogers

    Synopsis: Autobiography about an average American man's adventure to marry a Russian woman. The book provides a romantic understanding of why thousands of American men have gone through the painstaking process of bringing Russian women to America for marriage. The book format is Weston's personal journal covering a six year-period of time of pursuing marriage with Russian women. The up-close romantic feelings described in the book are accentuated with over 260 pictures of people and events discussed in the book.

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    Nyet From Nyet to Da:
    Understanding the Russians
    by Yale Richmond

    A reader from Scottsdale, Arizona: Having lived and studied in Russia and being married to a Russian I am able to appreciate the tremendous understanding of the Russians by the author. this is a must read book if you intend to travel there, live there or marry someone who lives there; it will save you from making many mistakes or false assumptions. It is well written, concise , easy to read and inexpensive. Essential reading.
    A reader from PA: This book is very informative and easy to read. My husband and I are traveling to Russia sometime in the next 2 months to adopt 2 children and I feel it is important to understand their culture both for now and for their future. I have recommended this book to others [...] who have also responded favorably.

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    How to Adopt a Child from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan by John Maclean

    Synopsis: John Maclean’s Russian Adoption Handbook is a nuts and bolts "how to" handbook that teaches you what you need to know to adopt a child from Russia. Addressing a wide range of questions and issues about Russian adoption and detailing the entire international adoption process from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakstan, it includes INS forms, home study guides, and detailed foreign adoption requirements. Readers will also learn about medical issues and travel requirements as well as post-adoption matters.
    About the Author: John Maclean is an attorney. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and their two children adopted from Russia.

    More Recommendations:

  • Russian Wife: Your Greatest Blessing or Your Biggest Mistake, by William Rossedahl, Julia Rossedahl
  • The Russian Way: Aspects of Behavior, Attitudes, and Customs of the Russians, by Zita D. Dabars, L. L. Vokhmina
  • Adopting In Russia: Your Rights and the Law, by Irina M O'Rear
  • Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents, by Deborah D. Gray
  • How to Adopt Internationally, by Jean Nelson-Erichsen, Jean Nelson Erichsen, Heino R. Erichsen

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    The Art of Russian Cuisine
    by Anne Volokh and Mavis Manus

    Synopsis: The Art of Russian Cuisine is almost as immense as the vast expanses of Mother Russia. Filled with 500 recipes for classic Russian dishes, it also provides a history of Russian food and culinary life. If Russian food interests you, The Art of Russian Cuisine is worth having for its traditional recipes and the enlightening exploration of their origins.
    A reader from New York, NY: Easy, unpretentious, complete and VERY tasty. Excellent book. It is so easy to use and it is so well-organized. Without much experience in cooking, I always came out with tasty -- "real" Russian -- dishes when cooking with this book.
    A reader: The best Russian cookbook. A very comprehensive and well written Russian cookbook. I am very involved in Russian cooking and have read and tried recipes in most of the Russian cookbooks available. Every book has its strength, but this is by far the best overall.

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    A Taste of Russia
    by Darra Goldstein

    Synopsis: The definitive modern cookbook on Russian cuisine, layering superbly researched recipes with informative essays on the dishes' rich historical and cultural context. With over 200 recipes on everything from borshch to blini, from Salmon Coulbiac to Beef Stew, from Marinated Mushrooms to Black Bread, A Taste of Russia shows off the best that Russian cooking has to offer. "This is simply the best and most complete book on Russian cooking in English." -- Suzanne Massie... "Goldstein ... manages to make Russian cuisine dance. It's hard to imagine anything that might have been left out of this delightfully comprehensive collection." -- Publishers' Weekly ... "The imaginative range of the selection would be enlightening even without the multitudinous snippets from Chekhov, Gogol and Oblomov. First rate." -- Kirkus Reviews

    More Recommendations:

  • The Best of Russian Cooking, by Alexandra Kropotkin
  • Russian Cookbook, by Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne
  • Classic Russian Cooking, by Elena Molokhovets
  • Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook, by Anya Von Bremzen, John Welchman

  • Instant Immersion Russian CD
    Instant Immersion Russian
    2 CD-ROM Set
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    Learn Russian Now! CD
    Learn Russian Now!
    by Transparent Language
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    Rosetta Stone Russian Explorer CD
    Rosetta Stone
    Russian Explorer
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    Rosetta Stone Russian Personal Edition CD
    Rosetta Stone
    Russian Personal Edition
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    Electronic Dictionaries

  • T-33 Russian English Electronic Dictionary Text Translator, by TRANO
  • ECTACO iTRAVL 2 TR/Ru Russian - English Android OS Based Touch Screen Electronic Talking Dictionary and Translator, by Ectaco
  • Ectaco ER400 Partner English - Russian Bilingual Professional Talking Electronic Dictionary / Business Organizer, by Ectaco
  • Laser Terminology: English-Russian And Russian-English Dictionaries, by Anatoliy Bekrenev
  • Russian Translator Ectaco ER900, by Ectaco
  • Russian English Frequency Dictionary - Essential Vocabulary- 2500 Most Used Words & 520 Most Common Verbs, by
  • Partner Lux 3 Russian English Electronic Dictionary and Free Speech Translator with Language Teacher, by Ectaco
  • Russian - English travel audio phrasebook Ectaco Ph-Ru B-3, by Ectaco
  • Ectaco ER500 Partner English-Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio Phrasebook, by Ectaco
  • Ectaco LUX1 Speech to Speech Russian Translator, by Ectaco

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