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(Submitted via e-mail and kept on file, unless otherwise indicated.)
The help that you provided me with in establishing the initial connection with Natasha over the phone has been invaluable. I felt that I could really get my point across, and since you were translating, I was confident that there would be no misunderstanding.
-- Michael R., New Jersey

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the translation service that you provided for Natasha and I today for our very first live communication. I was very nervous before the call began but you put us both at ease from the very beginning. As you know our conversation lasted for almost two hours, but for me it seemed like only minutes. I did not want it to end. I would think that translating conversations between two people with such diverse cultures would be very difficult indeed, and I still believe this is true, but it seemed so natural and easy for you that I felt as if your words were truly coming from my own mouth. I know that Natasha was very pleased as well and I think you have made two life long friends this day. I cannot express in words how pleased I am with your service. I will not hesitate for one instant to use it again. As a matter of fact I plan on another call next week if Natasha is in agreement. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you like. If you should have a client that wishes to talk with me personally, by all means give them my contact information and I will with much pleasure respond to their questions. Once again, Bravo to you Irene for such a wonderful and personal service. I will never be able to thank you enough. I will talk to you soon. Your friend Mark.
-- Mark S., WY

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding during the problem with reaching Svetlana! [...] I am overjoyed with the resolution that you suggested [...] I wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate your advice and your concern. It means a lot to have you take such interest in my well-being. Thank you again, and as always, I wish you the best.
-- Jeff W., Maryland (Letter 1)

Dear Irene, Things seem to be looking very good. I'll do my best to keep it that way. It was another wonderful call Saturday – the relationship is developing across language and cultural barriers thanks to your insight and your care in translating our meanings. I continue to Thank You sincerely, and can't wait to send you a wedding picture. Very Truly Yours,
-- Jeff W., Maryland (Letter 2)

If anyone has need for a translator when phoning your lady in Russia, I would heartily recommend the services of Irene at Language Solutions. I just had occasion to use her translation services and was extremely satisfied. Had a little miscommunication situation and she helped me straighten it right out. Irene is very pleasant and a kind person to boot. No vested interest on my part -- just want to share a positive experience.
-- Jon R., Georgia, Russian Women Digest V2 #15 (02/02/97)

This message is for those of you who would like to know about an excellent reference to a Russian language support resource. As my relationship with my Russian lady has grown, I found myself in searching for a good translation resource. On March 8th, Language Solutions offered free support on calls to Russia. I used Irene to help make that day a truly wonderful day for my lady.

Irene provided exemplary support far and above the line of duty! She is not only an excellent interpreter, but her skills provide in-depth knowledge on cultural aspects of communicating in Russia. I am extremely pleased with the quality and personal touch of this service.

I am not part of Language Solutions. I just want all those on this list who are not strong in Russian communications to not overlook a valuable resource.

-- Mike M., New Hampshire, Russian Women Digest V2 #86 (03/14/97)

Well, knowing virtually zip of the Russian language, I decided to use a translator. I felt this was the most fair way to have an initial conversation with my charming lady in St. Petersburg until I could surmise her English speaking ability.

I called Irene at Language Solutions (D. P. gave her a glowing recommendation!). Irene was very helpful, even interactive if needs be, though certainly not obtrusive. My Olga was all giggles and at a loss for words for a few moments, but then became the woman I have come to know a bit through her letters. If the translation were not accurate, I would not have gotten this impression.

If language is a barrier, then by all means try Irene's services, and then learn some Russian!!

-- David T., Colorado, Russian Women Digest V2 #181 (04/17/97)

I know that some of you are familiar with translation services of Irene at Language Solutions, so this is for those who are not and future members to the list. As Svetlana's English is still developing, I have made extensive use of several different interpreters for 3-way phone calls to her. None are even in the same league as Irene. I would like to publicly thank her here for her caring and consummate professionalism in translating for the two of us over the past year, as well as extend my personal recommendation to others.
-- Steve M., California, Russian Women Digest #1998-271 (12/01/98)

I would join Steve in his praise for Irene. Marina feels Irene is almost like a sister and the thought of using any one else to convey her most serious words to me is not an option. We have worked with Irene for the past 8 months on a weekly basis, and her professionalism and unbiased interpretation has been exemplary. THANKS IRENE!!
-- Garry and Marina, New York, Russian Women Digest #1998-271 (12/01/98)

[1] Thank you so much for the continued great service. These are sensitive exchanges, and I have admired your professionalism throughout.

[2] In the last few days you have gone "above and beyond" what is even expected of the best in service. For a person accustomed to being in charge, I am humbled [...] How can I thank you for such kindness? If it is Marina's and mine destiny to be married, then what measure of gratitude must I have for you who has facilitated this?

-- Marc T., North Carolina

Irene, [...] I also want to reiterate how happy I am with the wonderful job you did. I'd been worrying about this call to Anna all week... how would it go, would my thoughts, and hers, be rendered accurately, what would the results be, etc. The best way to express my feelings about it is to say that I'm overjoyed and can barely contain myself! But I know this wonderful result never would have happened if not for your accurate and sympathetic translation. You are a true professional, but even better, you have a wonderful heart. Thanks so much. I will certainly use your services again. Please feel free to quote this on your website. With sincerest gratitude, Alan.

P.S. I see I used the word "wonderful" 3 times in my e-mail. You can substitute in any of the following: great, terrific, topnotch, excellent... for describing the translation. When it comes to your heart, I think wonderful is the right word!

-- Alan S., California

I just wanted to thank you so much for the information. We feel we received more than our money's worth. Your translation and comments were much more than we had expected and will be invaluable in our further research. [...] Thanks again for a very fantastic job!
-- Royce M., Ohio

Irene, Happy New Year! I received the document on Dec 30. Service was speedy and the document was nicely done. Thank you, job well done!
-- J. L., M.D.

I was very pleased with your 3-way call service this morning. You were courteous and professional, I will use this service again and thank you very much!
-- Terry G., CA

Thank you Irene for your quick work and prompt response time. My wife and I really appreciate it. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone else we come across who can use them. Thanks again!
-- John G., MD

Please review and translate the attached. I would appreciate your input. I have come to rely on and respect your judgment.
-- Mitchell I., Arizona

Thanks once again for going to the extra trouble of providing me with cultural context -- I'm grateful to have found such a conscientious translator!
-- John F., CA

Thanks, Irene. Once again, you have amazed us with your speedy and efficient service. God bless you and your family!
-- Mike K., Nevada

Thank you so much for translating this small doctor's note for me and my wife Katya. The translated document is just perfect, exactly what I wanted. [...] I will certainly keep you in mind for future translations of documents.
-- Chris D., FL

I want to thank you again for your quick and highly professional work. You guys are amazing with all the speed and accuracy you provide. I am lucky to have found your company
-- Oksana P., PA

Dear Irene, I wanted to write you the good news since you were so helpful. Our fiancé visa has been approved and Anna is scheduled for her interview on April 19th. We hope to be together shortly after that.

We owe you our thanks and I especially want to thank you for the extra help you provided with that incredibly odd address situation.

I'm not sure if we will need future translation help, but if we do, you can be sure you are the one I will personally come to for that help. I will also recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs the services you provide.

Thanks again for everything!

Sincerely, Robert M. A VERY satisfied customer!!!!

-- Robert M., CT

Hello, Irene! The translation looks perfect! Thank you! I will refer all my friends whoever need a translation to your website! Thank you!
-- Natasha, Florida

[1] Thank you Irene for your professional and sensitive assistance. You are wonderful! You are helping Alina and I plan our trip and to get better acquainted as we go. She told me in her last e-mail how much she appreciates you. Thank you again!

[2] Dear Irene: Thank you again. You saved the day for me. I was really concerned that things were falling apart. You are fantastic. Thank you for your professional and seasoned help!

-- Dennis D., North Carolina

Thanks again for doing this on such short notice. I really appreciate how kind and understanding you have been.
-- Larry A., Texas

Thank you, Irene! I really appreciate your terrific service. Wishing you a Happy New Year and great 2007! I am sure I will be back in touch with you again soon.
-- Doug M., MD

WOW! Irene, thanks for the speed of light translation. I appreciate it very much.
-- John D., NC

Wonderful fast service. I am delighted!
-- Peter A., Minnesota

I received an e-mail this evening from a beautiful young lady in Ukraine. The following excerpt is the opening paragraph of her letter -- by the way, this lady is fluent in 5 languages.

"It was very nice to receive your beautifully designed interesting letter. Thanks, it sounds very nice & friendly. It impressed me greatly. First of all, I'd like to congratulate you -- you have very good & clever translators. The translation is perfect indeed and I couldn't but admire it (as I study languages, it was very interesting for me to compare the two versions -- the English original and the Russian translation)."

If you can use this letter (or a referral from me) please do so. Myself, being conversational in only one language, I can only trust what I am buying for service. Irene, I have always trusted the quality of your work but the young Ukrainian lady has just confirmed it in writing. I feel very good about whom I have entrusted my translations to, and I feel that I owe you my sincere thanks.

Once again, thanks for all of your help, but remember, I was the one BRILLIANT enough to hire you. :)

-- Mark L., Georgia

Irene! I want you to think of me and Ludmila today as without you we would not be getting married tomorrow!!! She looks so lovely in her wedding dress, and it has a veil! I will put the ring on her finger tomorrow at 5pm and she will put the ring on my finger also! She will have a different surname tomorrow! I will ask her to email you sometime in April or May.
-- Andrew P., UK

I just received my translated letter. I cannot express to you my gratitude for doing such a fine job. The letter was just as I asked - beautiful in presentation and form. It is nice to know that there are people who know how to do something right. I look forward to doing much business with your fine company.
-- Randy N., Connecticut

We have just returned from a fantastic two week trip to your nation's capital and Virginia. We stayed 6 nights in Washington, 3 nights in Charlottesville and 4 nights in Richmond. We found it a wonderful experience and the friendliness of the people is second to none. Two weeks was just not enough time to take in the wonderful sights and tours available. The state of Virginia alone is bigger than Ireland. The monuments and memorials in Washington are breathtaking, it is truly a beautiful city. The service we received was JUST LIKE THE SERVICE WE HAVE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO WHEN DEALING WITH YOU -- "EXEMPLARY". Please accept our THANKS! again.
-- LSI client from Ireland

Thank you for the very expeditious work! I look forward to doing more translation work with you.
-- David P., TX

Thank you for your services! You are truly AWESOME!!!
-- Michelle J Smith, WA

Thanks again for doing a wonderful job in translating a conversation between me and Marina. As I said before, I was concerned about doing business with a company I read about over the internet, but that concern is gone now that I've spoken with you several times over the last week, and your up-front attitude about your costs and services made me very comfortable working with you. Heck, I didn't even know I had a three-way option on my phone line until I talked to you. I don't think the entire process could have been handled any further. Thank you, thank you, thank you again, Irene, and enjoy the rest of your week.
-- Jim F., CA

Thanks for your fast and wonderful service!
-- Kate V., MA

[...] By the way, when you go thru the [original] letter (some of it is in English), I think you will see how complimentary Larisa is to your excellent translations. I can't think of a better measure of how good your work is than that!
-- David R., VA

Irene, would you translate these words for me? I would like her to understand me deeply with some very powerful words, I believe you are the only one for the job.
-- Ken T., SC

Dear Irene, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the help and friendship that you have shared with me this year. I look forward to finding my lady. Regardless of what happens, I will always have you as a friend. Thank you and I hope that you have a great holiday season. Talk to you soon!
-- Scott W., KY

My goodness, you are amazingly fast! It would have taken me that long to simply type the letter in English. Thank you so much! I just love your company - always quick to respond and always quick to deliver the services you offer. Know that if anyone I ever know needs translation services, I'll be recommending Language Solutions. Best to you always!
-- Steve M., CA

Thank you so much for everything. I was very impressed by your timely response. I will be using your services when I need more translations. Thank You Very Much!
-- Charles L., WA

The service of your company is outstanding!!
-- Tom P., NY

Thanks very much, Irene. As always, your service is impeccable!!
-- Mike K., Nevada

[1] Thank you again for being so wonderfully supportive through all of this. I am very, very glad to have you as a translator. And more importantly, to have you as a friend.

[2] [Received your invoice.] A bargain, even at twice the price. Because, in addition to excellent translation services, I have such a good friend as a bonus. Thank you Irene.

-- Jack A., Washington, DC

I received the package with your translation. Your work exceeded my expectations. Fast, pleasant to work with, accurate, THANK YOU! Job well done!
-- Julia C., Illinois

Excellent!!! Thank you so much! The documents look precisely as I wanted them to. I may be in touch again soon as I will most likely need another translation done. Thanks again!
-- Edward, Germany

The package has arrived today safe and sound! Everything is absolutely impeccable, and the Russian Consulate officials loved it! I wanted to thank you once again for such a prompt service, and also for your attention to detail, which in my case was absolutely critical. Please also express my deep gratitude to Mr. Kohl for a very caring and thoughtful packaging as it has enabled the papers to arrive in excellent condition! I truly appreciate it. I'll certainly keep LSI in mind for any other translation needs.
-- Richard M., Austria

I really appreciate doing business with you. There will be more in the future. Thank you again!
-- Johannes K., Australia

I have received the completed translation and would like to thank you for an excellent job done and commend you for completing it in a timely manner. If I am ever in need of future translations I now know where to turn. Thank you very much!! Your satisfied customer,
-- Jason M., Pennsylvania

I have received the translation and it looks real good. I know it wasn't a very long translation but thank you for doing that so quickly anyway! And after normal business hours too.
-- K. Johnson, SC

Thanks for the fast service. This may indeed be a life-saver!
-- Michael S., NJ

Your translation is exactly what I wished it would be! :-) I have given Thanks to God for helping me to find you. I hope it will bring joy and comfort to you to know that God has made you part of his plan for me and for Elena! :-) Thank you all very much, and God Bless all of you! :-)
-- Richard S., Hawaii (Letter 1)

Hi Irene, you guys are just the best! When I came home today and found that the translation was already here, I was very happy! Thank you for caring so much! Whenever I will have the need, I will certainly use you service! :-)
-- Richard S., Hawaii (Letter 2)

Thank you again for your work! I had some work done with some other translation agencies, but you are the most knowledgeable and professional of all!
-- Anna P., CA

Thank you very much for the great job and service as I have come to expect from you! I appreciate your assistance and be assured that I will send you any business that I can whether it is from myself or others that I hear of needing translation services.
-- George B., NH

Thank you very much, I am very appreciative of all of the support you have given me over the years. You are truly wonderful!
-- Michael S., NY

You had completed a Russian translation project for me previously. I was totally delighted with your final product at that time and as such am returning once again in need of your translation expertise!
-- Michael H., GA

The translation work you had done for me worked out perfectly! My petition for a K-1 Fiancée Visa on behalf of my Russian Fiancée was approved by USCIS much earlier than I had expected! There is simply NO facet of your operation that doesn't impress me, extraordinarily so!
-- Paul Z., WA

I received the documents yesterday, August 19. Thank you very much for a very professional service! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the translation, the speed, and how fast and intelligently you were responding to any request I had. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of Russian translation services and will definetely use it myself, if I ever need such services again. Best regards, O.L.
-- Olga L., NY

Dear Irene,
Hello… How are you today. I just checked my email tonight and realized that you finished this yesterday (Sunday) and I want to Thank You for such a timely translation. You really helped us out here. I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied, My wife and I reviewed everything and it looks great… You did a very sophisticated, articulate job on everything and I sincerely appreciate the extra work you put into this, especially the Marriage certificate… (adding the Town hall picture and the Commonwealth Logo was a nice touch). It really is a job well worth what you charged. I will be most definitely recommending you personally for anything else that I come across or anyone else I know that needs anything like this ever done. Everything is approved for Final Copy and I wouldn’t change a thing… It looks marvelous. Thank You again,

-- Scott and Anna, MA

Thank you so much! Very excited to have this information! Your services are a real blessing.
-- Karla F., WI

Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help -- I've received my Green Card today!!!! 
-- Tatsiana A., NJ

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