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Rates for Personal Russian/Ukrainian into English Translations

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Our translation rates (other than the rates for personal translations) differ significantly depending on various factors involved in the translation process, such as:
  • complexity of the subject matter
    (would any additional research, and to what extent, be required on the part of the translation team, because the subject is uncommonly complicated or unique?)
  • document format attributes
    (are there complicated graphs, flowcharts, any pictorial elements with text, lengthy and/or elaborate tables?)
  • software tools required to build the final translation product
    (is there a need for desk top publishing software packages or sophisticated drawing utilities?)
  • general quality of the original
    (is this an electronically available source, or a hard copy – a published material, a clear / not so clear fax copy, a handwritten document?)
  • project size
    (does the translation volume allow for a discount?)
  • turn-around requirements
    (is the assignment to be completed on a rush basis?)
To provide you with a translation cost estimate, we would need to see a representative sample of the source document, or the entire document, if possible. Please send us the documents you need translated for a price quote and turnaround estimate as or, especially for large files, using our secure file transfer tool. If mailing, please do not send original documents – only copies. As a rule, we do not return materials submitted for translation cost evaluation.

Note: Translation total (if not a flat fee) is based on electronic word count in English text documents – source or target.

Also please note our payment policy: Payment is required before we can start working on the project. Along with bank and corporate checks, we accept all major credit cards. We also accept purchase orders from companies with whom we have developed repeated business.

Upon your request, we will submit our professional references for your review and consideration. We have been providing expert translation services to corporate and governmental organizations throughout the world and our clients will be willing to respond to your reference inquiries.

You are welcome to call us any time during the EST business hours to discuss our pricing and payment structure (or any other project related matters) in greater detail.

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