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We translate:
  • Personal correspondence
  • Legal materials (certified)
  • USCIS and other official documents
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Academic diplomas & transcripts
  • Birth, divorce, change of name, marriage certificates
  • Medical & vaccination records, adoption papers
  • 3-way phone calls (interpreter assistance)
  • (For Russian/English industry specific translations, please refer to Subject Areas.)

    Some legal, business, medical and academic documents require certified translations. We will add our company certification (aka Affidavit of Translation) to the translated documents (in both English and Russian when translating into Russian) as a complimentary service to our clients. We, as a professional language translation company, fully adhere to the translation certification requirements set forth by major U.S. official institutions, such as the USCIS and State Department: "Any foreign language document must be accompanied by a full English translation that the translator has certified as complete and correct, and by the translator's certification that he or she is competent to translate the foreign language into English" (Instructions for USCIS Form I-130, page 1).

    Our translation certification (Affidavit of Translation) is signed by the performing translator and impressed with the raised seal of our company, Language Solutions International. A cover letter on our company's official letterhead detailing the translated items will be included in the packet.

    We often receive requests for notarized translations. Please note that the seal of our company has more formal power than just a notary seal which only certifies a signature of a person (translator), whereas our official seal is the certification of our professional credentials as a registered foreign language translation service. If you still wish to have a notary seal on the document, we will provide this service for you and add a notary fee to the translation total.

    Personal Russian Translation Written Translations

    General Provisions:

      Documents submitted for translation need not be originals – electronic copies via e-mail, or fax copies, will suffice.

      Full payment is required before we can start working on the project. We accept all major credit cards.

      Translation total (if not a flat fee) is based on electronic word count in English text documents – source or target.

      Postage and handling (US regular mail) is included in the translation total. If express delivery is requested, client's credit card will be charged directly by the express carrier.

      Client is to specify any English (Russian) spelling preferences for the names referred to in the documents (last name, first name, patronymic) so that our spelling is consistent with the documents that might already have been translated. If no specific instructions are given, we will follow conventional rules of transliteration.


      PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE (minimum or flat fees can apply)

        - Standard documents

      $0.07 per word

        - Short documents (under 250 words)

      $0.10 per word

        - Handwritten originals

      $0.12 per word

        - Non-Cyrillic ("phonetic") Russian originals

      $0.15 per word

        - Over the phone translation

      $25.00 per document (average)

        - Expedited service (same/next day delivery)

      50% extra

        - Delivery on weekends and holidays

      50% extra


        - Birth, divorce, marriage certificates

      $50.00 per document

        - High School certificates, university diplomas

      $50.00 per document

        - Academic transcripts (diploma attachments)

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        - Employment books, vaccination records, etc.

      submit for quote

        - Additional certified copy

      $10.00 per copy

        - Notary fee (if required)

      $10.00 per notarized document


      submit for quote

    (Please note: translation rates for non-personal documents – business, technical, legal, etc. – are different.)

    How to proceed:

    1.   Send documents for a translation quote.
    Send us the documents you need translated for a price quote and turnaround estimate as or, especially for large files, using our secure file transfer tool.

    2.   Submit credit card payment.
    Upon receipt and acceptance of the quote, submit your credit card payment using our online secure payment form. You will receive an electronic transaction confirmation (receipt).

    3.   Receive translation.
    The completed translation is delivered within the estimated timeframe via e-mail or regular postal service, or both – depending on the client specifications. Express delivery is available.

    Translate phone call to Russian Interpreter Assisted 3-way Calling

    General Provisions:

      Client needs to have the 3-way (conferencing) capability on his/her phone line.

      Client initiates a 3-way phone call to Russia/Ukraine. Long distance charges are client's responsibility.

      Payment is required before the interpretation phone session can start. We accept all major credit cards.

      Client is to make sure that his/her contact in Russia/Ukraine is available for the call. Any missed (or otherwise unrealized) appointment is chargeable. Client is to give us at least 24 hour prior notice when canceling the scheduled telephone session. When that does not happen, there is a charge for $25.00 (our minimum fee for the service).


        - Standard rate – business days

      $1.35 per minute

        - Off-hours, weekends, holidays

      $2.00 per minute

        - Minimum charge – business days


        - Minimum charge – off-hours, weekends, holidays


    How to proceed:

    1.   Schedule 3-way calling session.
    Contact us via e-mail or phone (239-300-5895) to schedule an interpreter assisted 3-way calling session.

    2.   Submit credit card payment.
    Submit the required minimum (please refer to the rate table above) using our online credit card secure payment form. You will receive an electronic transaction confirmation (receipt).

    3.   Establish 3-way phone communication.
    At the scheduled time, call your party in Russia/Ukraine and then our office at 239-300-5895 to establish a 3-way phone communication and start the calling session with the assistance of one of our interpreters.

    4.   Complete payment.
    Should the phone session extend beyond the time covered by the minimum (item 2 above), your credit card will be charged additionally.

    For a full array of services and rate information, please use the online quiry.

    Privacy Statement
    Your privacy is a top priority for us and we make every effort to ensure the confidentiality of your personally
    identifiable information. Under no circumstances will we disclose your personal data to any third party.

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