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WHO WE ARE Language Solutions International (USA) was established in 1996 as a Russian/Ukrainian language translation management company. Registered with the state of New Hampshire as Foreign Language Translation Service. Additional company offices are located in Florida, Massachusetts, and abroad (Russia, Ukraine).

Since the inception of the company, we have served thousands of U.S. and international corporations, governmental organizations, and individual clients.

Our translation company works on an agency basis, yet the functionality of what we do and how we do it goes far beyond that.

We maintain large translation resources here in the United States and Russia, and we obtain work – thatís the agency function. We structure the translation process on the project management level, and we monitor the implementation as a rigid quality control institution – thatís a pro-active management function.

Our accomplishments as a translation company, both in business and profession, are based entirely upon this aggressive, "from within" translation management approach.

WORK LANGUAGES English-Russian and English-Ukrainian are the only language pairs we work with. Our translators are always native speakers of the target languagesRussian/Ukrainian or English respectively.
SUBJECT AREAS We are expanding our translation services by regularly adding new subject areas to our professional profile. That basically means that we are continuously adding new translators to our team. These fine professionals are generously enriching our practice with their skills and specific knowledge. We have created a network of high level professionals to represent major subject areas in Human Activity.
OUR TRANSLATORS As we have noted, our translators are native Russian/Ukrainian or English speakers. In addition to professional translators specializing in certain industry fields, we employ consultants – managers and scientists in different industry and production areas. They work with our translators on most specific and complex translation projects.

We are constantly and scrupulously reviewing work performance of our affiliated translators. Most of them have accumulated years of translation experience with U.S. corporations and professional institutions. References are readily available.

We have a reputation for delivering results under the most demanding conditions. Normally, when the client-specified schedule permits, we assign the task to a single translator/editor pair, to ensure the terminology and style consistency. Otherwise, we can always split the job between several translators. The core of the matter is that our translation teams can meet any realistic deadline without ever sacrificing the quality.

TECHNICAL TOOLS We are equipped with all the software and hardware tools necessary to meet any document processing requirements and to handle any computer file formats.

Translation Russian/Ukrainian into English & English into Russian/Ukrainian...
We are fully equipped to handle your Russian/Ukrainian/English translation projects!

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